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Strengthening the environment


Strengthening the environment


Barnstaple’s CCTV provision will be strengthened with the installation of three additional cameras in fixed locations and one mobile re-deployable camera.

Analysis has identified hotspot locations where offences occur and where members of the public have said they feel unsafe.

The cameras will act as a deterrent to offenders and will provide evidence and intelligence to police. The cameras, added to the town’s existing CCTV provision, are monitored 24/7 with links to the police control room, and play a vital part in supporting public safety.

Lighting and wayfinding

Improvements to wayfinding and other street signage will take place, ensuring those unfamiliar with the area can get to their destination via the safest route rather than unsafe, secluded shortcuts. The Town Team and those working in the Night Time Economy will promote such routes to ensure the safety of all.

Improved lighting is another key priority, at the same time taking account of Barnstaple’s conservation area.

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