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Promoting resilience


Promoting resilience

Bystander Awareness training

Bystander Awareness training will be delivered in schools and will start to tackle the culture, beliefs and attitudes that say any form of violence is acceptable, placing an emphasis on healthy relationships.

The training will be delivered to members of staff across schools and Petroc who can then train peer mentors.

Training will also be delivered to those working in licenced premises and taxi drivers.

Self-defence classes

Self-defence classes for college-age students will be rolled out with the intention of building self-confidence when dealing with confrontational situations.

Schools Education

Schools will host targeted work around topics which affect young people such as exploitation, sexism and sexist behaviours, knife crime and youth violence, domestic abuse and coercive control, as well as others.

Providing education through theatrical performances can encourage young people to reach out and seek help, or help a friend.

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